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3 Important Newborn Care Tips That Must Not Be Disregarded

The moment when parents become aware of pregnancy is the same time their preparation starts. From this time forward, baby essentials begins fast and it consists of stocking up bibs, buying a crib, changing tables and so on. As soon as the gender of infant is identified, parents start buying clothes and customizing the nursery to be able to reflect the baby’s gender. There are even parents who read various books and use the internet for expanding their knowledge on proper baby care while others go directly to professionals like Dr. Stanley Angus and ask for suggestions and tips.

In this article, you are going to learn 3 vital tips on how to properly take care of your newborn.

Tip number 1. Promote breastfeeding – the mother’s body would go through hormonal changes after their baby’s delivery because it is triggering lactation wherein the female breasts start to produce milk. The milk contains the vital nutrients that further strengthen the immune system of the infant child. However, there are mothers whose milk isn’t accepted by their baby or perhaps, they are not able to produce enough milk that satisfies their baby’s appetite.

Stanley Angus told that nursing mothers must avoid eating foods that are strongly flavored or spice as it can cause the milk to taste odd to the infant. You may like to pay a quick visit to your doctor or OB if you aren’t able to produce adequate amount of milk.

However, Stanley Angus recommends them to eat fenugreek seeds and dates which then helps in increasing their milk production. Not only that, he is suggesting to massage the breast on a regular basis as this helps in stimulating the mammary gland and boosting lactation.

Tip number 2. Develop consistent sleeping habits – for 16 hours of the day more or less, babies are asleep. However, there are infants that can sleep longer but most wake up in the midst of the night either because they have to be changed, hungry or simply want to cuddle. If this keeps going for the following weeks, then there is a great chance for parents to suffer from sleep deprivation.

That is why Stanley Angus is suggesting to establish a regular sleeping pattern for parents to avoid this from happening.

Tip number 3. Everyday baby care – newborn babies have soft bones and weak muscles and is requiring constant support. So whenever you lift the baby, keep one arm supporting the spinal column and the other supporting the neck. This is a proven method for an effective baby care according to Stanley Angus.