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Details on Lip Injection

Some people are constantly looking for details on lip injections. Lip injection is also known as lip augmentation. It can include injections but may also entail grafting skin to the lip area. Skin grafting is more expensive as compared to the injection, and therefore most people prefer the injection to skin grafting. Lip injection procedure will involve filling the lips with more soft materials to make it give a plump appearance. Collagen is mostly the material used in this procedure. Collagen may cause an allergic reaction in some people, and it is, therefore, advisable that one goes for a sensitivity test before the injection actually takes place.

If a person is allergic to collagen, the option of fat injection can be used. This fat is gotten from your other parts of the body. Such areas could be the thighs or from the abdomen area of your body. The greater advantage of fat is that one is not likely to develop allergic reactions. This procedure may need to be conducted more than once to achieve the desirable results just like collagen. If one is looking for a permanent lip fill then artecoll may be used. It consists of synthetic beads that stay in the lips permanently.

Lip injections are said to be the safest surgical procedure that one can undertake. If they are however not done professionally then they may lead to development of some issues. One of such risk that exists is bleeding. It is even worse if one is predisposed to developing complication by thing like diabetes. If one has a heart problem or even lung diseases they should discuss their conditions with a doctor before this procedure is carried out on them. With their health history a professional doctor will make a right decision concerning the procedure. This will help in reducing the risk of complications emerging during the exercise.

Some risk is associated with lip injections even though they are considered to be the safest surgical procedures. One may not only suffer from complications but they may also not get the perceived results and they end up acquiring unnatural shapes. The lips could become bigger and uneven. The end results are not guaranteed upon. Collagen is a substance that is found in the cows’ skin and may cause side effects that are not anticipated if medical history is not established. If either collagen or fat injections do not work well with a patient, then materials from cadavers are used. This is however handled with care to make sure it is safe and disease free but one cannot necessary be guaranteed on the same.
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